TOP most beautiful mermaid wedding dresses 2021-2022 of Dai Dong Bridal.

Charming, beautiful and seductive… are the words to most fully describe the mermaid wedding dress for the bride on the big day of her life. The following top long-tail wedding dress designs will leave you in utter awe. And in her life, every bride wants to wear these shimmering designs once. So right here, let’s go with Dai Dong Bridal to consult now!

Why are mermaid wedding dresses so popular?

Fishtail wedding dresses are dresses that do not pursue a sweet, fairy-tale style but do not lose the outstanding splendor of the bride. This wedding dress is very suitable for those who prefer a glamorous, sexy style but no less elegant and elegant on the wedding day. A fairly easy to recognize a feature of a beautiful fishtail dress is that it greatly enhances the bride’s figure. With the design of the upper body hugging the body, from the knee or from the thigh down is a splendid spreading design. Help the bride become proud and stylish on the big day of her life.

An impressive fishtail dress needs to be designed with the waist, back as well as the fishtail of the dress to look lively. Each bride will suit different styles of fishtail skirts (specifically: long or short fishtail dresses, full or open shoulders, with lace or plain silk,…)

The birth of the fishtail wedding dress During the golden era of world fashion that lasted from 1947 to 1957. On the cover of a French magazine called “Le Corset De”, a model appeared in a gown with a tight design waist and flared tail. This design made the name of Jacques Fath. Immediately, this “innovative” dress with a “romantic” style caught the eye and was sought after by many Hollywood movie stars at that time. It is this, which has helped it become a popular dress model and spread all over Europe.

The most popular mermaid wedding gowns.

The Fishtail wedding dress has a very distinctive design that hugs the body, helping the bride to deftly show off her body curves. If the bride has a slim belly and is around and around 3 rounds, it will help the wedding dress become extremely gorgeous. Below, Dai Dong Bridal will suggest to you the 6 most beautiful fishtail wedding dresses for this wedding color in 2021!

1. Off-shoulder fishtail wedding gown

Shows off your lovely shoulders off-shoulder fishtail wedding dress is the perfect choice for brides with a small bust. Because the advantage of this wedding dress is that it shows off the bride’s beautiful and slim shoulders, which will make the bride’s breasts feel fuller.

2. Long-sleeved mermaid wedding dress 

For the girl who loves privacy Long-sleeved fishtail wedding dress with a discreet neck and sleeve design that does not obscure the beauty of the bride. This dress still attracts viewers with the charm and luxurious beauty of the bride. Asian brides often love and pursue this elegant long-sleeved wedding dress style. At this time, the style of the wedding dress is spread, the princess will give way to the tight wedding dress, hugging the body to enhance the bride’s figure. The high collar is a shape that has never been out of date with the wedding dress neck design with a pearl border and extremely luxurious rhinestones.

3. Backless mermaid wedding dress.

Showing off her sexy bareback The open-back fishtail wedding dress with a discreet front is a design that is both sexy and shows off the bride’s figure. At the same time, the backless wedding dress will cleverly show off the smooth bareback and the “hourglass” figure of the bride. Do not ignore the high bun hairstyle because it will help the bride show off this design on her wedding day.

4. Mermaid wedding dress with cup chest

The cropped fishtail wedding dress is designed for girls with beautiful and attractive legs. With lace material that hugs the upper body of the dress and the bust to enhance the bust, this design will help the bride “cheat” significantly increase her height and double her sexy beauty.

Above, Dai Dong Bridal has sent you the top hot fishtail wedding dresses for the upcoming 2021-2022 wedding season. I hope to be able to help couples who are preparing for their wedding be the most perfect and impressive! Do not wait any longer for brides to begin selecting a lovely fishtail wedding gown for themselves.

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