The complicated development of the Corona-19 epidemic is becoming more and more complicated and unpredictable, making the bride and groom also restless when they have to think about whether the wedding should be held or not? If organized, should it be organized as usual or will it be scaled down? Moreover, during the current Corona-19 epidemic, will guests attend or not? There are so many questions and concerns surrounding the wedding day that it is not easy to find a reasonable decision.


After the first corona virus outbreak in early March 2020, many brides and grooms were affected and had to postpone the wedding schedule as well as all related services arising on the wedding day. That makes couples planning to get married more hesitant when ordering wedding services and wedding restaurants. The second outbreak of the disease in the last days of July 2020, quickly affected the bride and groom’s wedding plans. So the question is whether to hold a wedding on these epidemic days or not?

In the view of the Dai Dong team, there are always many choices corresponding to each different situation, as long as we are flexible enough and accept “ENOUGH” for each event. Therefore, some of the following suggestions from the Dai Dong team hope to give you more ideas for your consideration.

If your family has economic conditions, you can consider postponing the wedding to prioritize protecting the health of relatives and friends. Above all, when the wedding is held on another day, it will make everyone attend more crowded and happier. Most importantly, the bride and groom must organize their wedding according to the regulations of the local government to help prevent the spread of the disease in the community they live in.

What should the bride and groom do during Corona Passion?

If the bride and groom have postponed the wedding schedule or have a wedding time of 3-4 months apart from the time of the 4.2021 epidemic, here are some suggestions of the Dai Dong Bridal team that you can do:

-Take advantage of this off-peak time to register for service packages and promotions from wedding service providers such as wedding restaurants, wedding cards, wedding dresses, wedding photography, etc.

Have more time to learn more about your favorite wedding dress as well as get more specific and detailed advice at a more economical cost than usual.

Take wedding photos in the studio (limited filming locations or crowded outdoor scenes) and take advantage of seasonal promotions to have the most beautiful and well-groomed albums at a more economical cost.


Why does Datong Bridal suggest you learn about the ONLINE WEDDING SEWING service at this time?

–  Corona epidemic makes you afraid to go to crowded places, as well as afraid to contact strangers, but it cannot make you forget the dream of “becoming a beautiful and sweet princess” in a wedding dress. fit and best fit for you.”

Take advantage of the time when Datong Bridal has a lot of promotions for an online wedding gown.

– The benefit of having a sewing factory and over 6 years of experience tailoring wedding gowns for many foreign brides. 100% of foreign brides are satisfied based on the process of exchanging information, selecting materials, images of finished products, and accompanying accessories.

 Support fast, accurate, and safe domestic and international shipping to the bride.


Surely, many brides will be surprised when they want to order their wedding dress for their big day online. Therefore, today Datong Bridal would like to share a little information about the process of consulting and tailoring wedding dresses online.

Step 1: The bride will be advised on the appropriate wedding dress based on her body shape and three-round measurements. After finalizing the suitable wedding dress with favorite details, the Dai Dong Bridal team will come up with options for fabric and lace, stones, beads… so that the tailored dress resembles the sketch the most.

Step 2: After signing the online contract, the bride can still change some of the original product details within 01 week from the date of signing the contract or before party B starts sewing. In contrast, Datong Bridal will default to the bride still agreeing with the original design, color, material and not changing any product details.

Step 3: Sewing wedding dresses online according to the pattern or specifically designed always needs measurement information as accurately as possible. Therefore, after signing the online contract, the Dai Dong team will video call with the bride to get the actual measurements and the bride’s shape. The bride will have to prepare a pen and tape measure as well as need the support of 1 family member (if possible).

Step 4: Dai Dong Bridal will complete the wedding dress form within 2 weeks and complete the wedding dress with full details within 4 weeks. At the same time, the Dai Dong team will update information about wedding dress images, engagement pictures and wedding dress images when completed for the bride before sending.

The time to complete and edit the dress ranges from 02-04 weeks depending on the complexity of the required wedding dress.

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