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Wedding dresses are shaped and sewn with a variety of fabrics. It is important to help you choose the suitable wedding dress fabric based on many factors: whether the material is suitable for your body shape or not, whether the wedding season is in a hot or cold month, the venue for the wedding, etc. If you want to get married in the summer, you need light and airy fabrics. On the contrary, thick and heavy fabrics are suitable for weddings held in the winter.

Chiffon fabric:

Chiffon is a thin (almost transparent) and light (slightly glossy) fabric, with moderate shedding, very popular with designers. Chiffon is often used to make dresses because of its buoyancy, often used to cover wedding dresses. Some brides with sensitive skin think that chiffon is a bit stiff and easy to cause redness, so there is an extra layer underneath to create comfort.

Chiffon is smoother and more colorful than chiffon, and it can shape dresses very well. Bright colors highlight the bride’s skin. This kind of princess wedding dress could not be beautiful and have a floating shape without this chiffon material.

Satin fabric:

This is also one of the most popular wedding dress materials. This fabric is shiny, silky, and comes in a variety of thicknesses and weights, which can be applied to many different styles of wedding dresses. The most popular skirt styles using this fabric are A-line skirts, Empire dresses (queen shape), and long skirts.

Organza fabric:

Organza fabric is a mesh fabric that is stiffer than tulle and chiffon and softer than mesh fabric. The advantage of Organza fabric is that it is both light and has a certain stiffness, creating a 3D layering effect for a very vivid wedding dress. Because of the above characteristics, Organza material is very popular in the design of wedding dresses with a variety of different dresses, but the most prominent are two models: Ballgown (fluffy) and Mermaid (fish shape). Organza can create vivid 3D layering techniques on the bodice.

Lace fabric:

Lace is actually a fabric that is knitted from many fabric fibers by the braiding method, twisting a thread to create gaps or holes in the fabric surface. Usually, the lace fabric is woven from cotton, silk, or silk. If you want a wedding dress with a classic and glamorous look, the lace fabric is a wise choice!

This is also a fabric that is easily combined with other fabrics to create “outstanding” details for wedding dresses. The openness of the material is suitable for all weddings, from classic to modern, and regardless of the time of year.

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