Explore the classic vintage-style wedding dress with Dai Dong Bridal.

Vintage style, also known as classic fashion, is the innovative clothing and designs that breathe the past decades of history. This is the choice for those who are really passionate about classic, gentle, elegant but equally impressive images. In fashion, besides the followers who always keep up with each of the prevailing trends, a part of the fashionistas look upstream to the fashion heights of a time now tinged with classics: vintage fashion. In the midst of all the way back, vintage also returns to wedding fashion. Vintage wedding dresses are loved by many brides, especially those who love the classic, nostalgic.

Vintage wedding dresses often have simple, natural designs. The soft, gentle A-line skirt is a typical design of a vintage wedding dress. In addition, the bride can also come across pleated skirts, voluminous skirts, and vintage-inspired fishtail dresses. Through each period, the fashion of wedding dresses is rich and diverse every day, so the brides can easily choose a dress that suits their body shape.

Lace material, a popular material today, has been promoted by many fashion houses since nearly a century ago. Silk and chiffon are also typical materials of vintage style to bring fragile and pure beauty to wedding dresses. Soft silk wedding dresses, pretty chiffon flowers, or hand-designed lace ribbons are the highlights that create the limitless charm of vintage wedding dresses.

Vintage fashion tends to be simple but delicate, unobtrusive but still impressive, so the colors used are often neutral and gentle shades. Pure white is still the first choice.

These dresses are designed randomly, not based on any mold, so they will bring a unique look that does not duplicate ideas with any other collection, and rarely repeats the style. Inspired by fashion styles from the 20s of the 19th century to the present, it is constantly changing in terms of design and style. Each wedding dress according to the style of each year has its own unique and different beauty.

It seems that the vintage wedding dress was born for all brides in this world because it is not picky about the wearer. Whether you are fat or thin, tall or short, black or white, you can wear vintage wedding dresses that are very pretty and lovely.



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