Discover the process of making your own wedding dress with Dai Dong Bridal!

Does the bride know?

Designer wedding dresses are gradually at the forefront of current wedding trends. BBFW’s Ester Maria Laruccia told “Millennials are the first brides of the digital platform, breaking the old way of shopping.” -reference: They have started shopping for wedding dresses online and ordering their own designer dresses to best suit their body shape and style.

These days, the new advances of society can make us superficial. One of the great events in life also follows that paler. So, have you ever thought about keeping the most memorable one through your own wedding dress? When you become a bride, your dress has a high spiritual value and marks a significant change in your life. It is worth it for us to do it perfectly.

See how Dai Dong Bridal created your dream wedding dress just for you.

1. The designer and the bride discuss the idea of ​​the dress.

Every girl has a picture of her dream wedding dress. It is a dress that can hide flaws and highlight the advantages of the bride’s body. Discussing and exchanging enthusiastically with the designer is the way that we prioritize serving brides. Besides, we also help advise and suggest basic fashion information so that the dress is really suitable for the body and style of each bride.

2. Sketch the wedding dress

From the wishes, the dresses will be sketched and conceptualized according to the bride’s psychology. The designer will create an overall drawing on paper about the wedding dress. Accompanying the sketch is a preliminary description of the shape (A, fishtail, Greek…), color (pure white, ivory, cream,…), material (Chiffon, Taffeta, Organza…) type of attachment (lace, crystal, pearl, stone…) for the dress.

3. Create a rough skirt shape

After agreeing on the design, the implementation team will work on the pattern, cut the raw fabric and make the shape of the dress based on the exact measurements of the bride. Depending on the complex or simple design, the process takes more or less time.

4. Fixing on real people

There will be appointments for the bride to try on the dress again after each setting and sewing. At that time, the bride’s dress will be consulted and adjusted until the best fit in every detail. To cover the flaws and honor the contours of the bride’s body, while creating the most comfortable for the wearer.

5. Finalize the design

After editing the form, the design team can begin to attach (if the design requires it). After the bonding process is complete, the bride will try on the wedding dress again to ensure the perfection of the dress.

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