Dai Dong Devotion International Fashion Stock Company

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    Questions & Answers


    What is the special feature of your product?

    – Design according to individual requirements and wishes of customers- Handcrafted by craftsmen with 10 years of experience in the field of wedding dress making – As one of the units that produce and supply wedding dresses at reasonable prices, cheaper than the market for similar products

    What units do you use for shipping?

    Currently, we are using express delivery services by the world’s leading reputable carriers such as UPS, TNT, FedEx, … or any other shipping unit that customers desire.

    How long will I receive the goods?

    Our customers will typically receive their items within 7 to 10 days of shipping. However, due to the Covid-19 situation, the shipping may be delayed by 1 to 2 days

    Who will be responsible if an error occurs during delivery?

    If there is an error in the delivery process, we will work with the delivery partner and take responsibility for the defective product. You only need to send it back, we’ll ship another product for you

    How do I pay for my order?

    To order our products, you only need to pay 30% of the bill in advance. The rest will be paid when you receive the goods and are satisfied with the quality of our products. With the quote of taking customers as the center, we always want to bring absolute peace of mind to customers