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Join Dai Dong Bridal to discover what choosing a wedding dress says about the bride’s personality!

What does choosing a wedding dress to reveal about a new bride’s personality? Please refer to the following beautiful wedding dresses with Dai Dong Bridal to know which design your personality is suitable for. Gorgeous dresses are always a favorite part of the wedding preparations. Because they are like childhood dreams come true. Based on […]

Explore the classic vintage-style wedding dress with Dai Dong Bridal.

Vintage style, also known as classic fashion, is the innovative clothing and designs that breathe the past decades of history. This is the choice for those who are really passionate about classic, gentle, elegant but equally impressive images. In fashion, besides the followers who always keep up with each of the prevailing trends, a part […]

Join Dai Dong Bridal to learn about wedding dress materials and choose your dream wedding dress.

Wedding dresses are shaped and sewn with a variety of fabrics. It is important to help you choose the suitable wedding dress fabric based on many factors: whether the material is suitable for your body shape or not, whether the wedding season is in a hot or cold month, the venue for the wedding, etc. […]

The most beautiful A-line wedding dresses in the 2021 collection from Dai Dong Bridal!

In the 1920s and 1990s, A-line wedding dresses were classified by fashionistas as the most influential wedding dresses of that time. Until today, overcoming the journey of time travel once again, the A-line wedding dress has long become a “hot item” that is wildly sought every time the wedding season begins. What is an A-line […]

Tailoring Elegant Luxury Wedding Dresses, Custom Design

Design & Sew beautiful wedding dresses at A beautiful wedding dress model must “satisfy” the standards of seam, shape and the combination of attached details to help the bride stand out and exalt 3 graceful rings. The wedding dress design & tailoring service of Datong Bridal believes that will help brides own the best […]