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Discover the process of making your own wedding dress with Dai Dong Bridal!

Does the bride know? Designer wedding dresses are gradually at the forefront of current wedding trends. BBFW’s Ester Maria Laruccia told “Millennials are the first brides of the digital platform, breaking the old way of shopping.” -reference: They have started shopping for wedding dresses online and ordering their own designer dresses to best suit […]

The most beautiful A-line designs from Dai Dong Bridal!

A-line wedding dresses can be sophisticated or simple, and each different detail brings a different beauty. Suitable for both concealing flaws and showing off the beauty “advantages” of the body. A “three-must” wedding gown in the wedding gown. Because of the A-line wedding dress, there is nobody shape that cannot be worn. Here, Dai Dong […]


The complicated development of the Corona-19 epidemic is becoming more and more complicated and unpredictable, making the bride and groom also restless when they have to think about whether the wedding should be held or not? If organized, should it be organized as usual or will it be scaled down? Moreover, during the current Corona-19 […]

Things the brides of Dai Dong Bridal need to pay attention to when tailoring their handmade wedding dresses.

Everyone wants everything to be perfect on their big day. The brides also want to be more beautiful and gorgeous in the wedding dress of a lifetime. How much does it cost to sew a wedding dress accordingly? To prepare for a wedding, couples have a lot to pay. So, consider how much it costs […]

TOP most beautiful mermaid wedding dresses 2021-2022 of Dai Dong Bridal.

Charming, beautiful and seductive… are the words to most fully describe the mermaid wedding dress for the bride on the big day of her life. The following top long-tail wedding dress designs will leave you in utter awe. And in her life, every bride wants to wear these shimmering designs once. So right here, let’s […]

Dai Dong Bridal gives a suggestion not to be missed when choosing a mermaid wedding dress for brides!

What types of mermaid wedding dresses are there? Backless mermaid wedding gown for the bride who is obsessed with glam. The fishtail wedding dress with a deep slit showing off the slim back is one of the seductive options for brides in this year’s wedding season. With this bold and sexy open-back wedding dress design, […]

Why is Dai Dong bridal’s princess wedding dress so charming and makes the bride attractive

A princess wedding dress makes every girl feel very special on her big day. Your dream of becoming a princess will come true through a gorgeous princess wedding dress. Because, during the wedding ceremony, all brides want to be the center of attention, a princess wedding dress will help you do that. With a tight […]

The meticulous process of making lace wedding dresses.

Lace wedding dresses are made entirely by manual and meticulous methods, so they are also more expensive than other dresses. Since the first time French Queen Catherine de Medici wore a luxurious lace dress, lace fabric has become the “soul” of the wedding dress. Lace wedding dresses with different thicknesses, thin, short, and lengths have […]